April 22, 2024
Rob Van Dam comments on Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns on Paul Heyman: “Nobody deserves a Hall of Fame induction more than him.”

Paul Heyman has been in pro wrestling business for over multiple decades. He has worked with many of the top wrestlers in WWE. WWE recently announced that Paul Heyman will be inducted into Hall Of Fame Class of 2024.

Roman Reigns recently was on Pat McAfee Show, where he talked about Paul Heyman’s induction to Hall Of Fame. Roman says nobody deserves Hall Of Fame induction more than Paul Heyman.

“I think whoever does it, they just need to be authentic. They just need to tell their story of Paul. There’s going to be a lot of facts and a lot of history that you can lay down with the ‘Wise Man,’ all the way from his beginnings with the giant phone to being the advocate to…being my special counsel.”

“I think whoever does it just needs to be themselves and just tell the truth, because Paul, he’s an incredible man, he’s an unbelievable man…[with] what he’s done this business. And I also think what he’s done with his personal life. I know well because I work with him and I’m good friends with him. I just have the upmost respect for him. I really do. And nobody deserves a Hall of Fame induction more than him.” (H/T: WrestlingInc)

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