April 16, 2024

Roman Reigns talks about ‘your daddy is not here’ promo

Roman Reigns was in the was in the latest episode of Sports Illustrated Media podcast, where he talked about Vince McMahon, Triple H, Theory and more.

When he was asked about difficulties to get approval for ‘your daddy is not her’ promo

“Approved, I said Paul what do you think about this, he said, ‘that’s great’ I said, I approved. Perfect. That’s our approval process because I’m responsible and I have handled that responsibility for years now and they trust me. I’d never go out there and say anything that would affect our business, that’s the key and especially at time, we are in right now with the guard shifting, It’s key that Triple H can see that in lot of these younger people and you have seen those slip up, you have seen those little live conundrums happen to people out there using words.

For me, If I’m Triple or anyone running the creative and I’m thinking how can I trust this people with live microphone, we can go out there and say whatever we want, If we wanted to but that would be the time we ever did it. For me I just had that responsibility and I’ve taken care of it over the years.

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Sports Illustrated Media podcast an h/t to WrestlingManiaFan.in for the transcription

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