June 25, 2024

Ryback claims he told Triple H: “You’re Just A F*cking Disappointment”

Ryback made his main roster debut in 2012, he has had a pretty good career in WWE, he was a former Intercontinental Champion. He has wrestled CM Punk, John Cena and many marquee wrestlers in WWE. Ryback quits WWE in 2016.

Ryback recently was in K100 podcast, where he talked about his relationship with Triple.

“I’ve wanted to like Hunter a lot, and I think early on a lot of it was very good,” Ryback said. “He was the one who came up with doing the double stack for the Shell Shock. He used to come up and we used to have conversations, and I don’t know what changed on any of that. It’s all a game on how things work. I can tell you, from Hunter’s perspective, I think we have a lot in common and I loved him growing up.”

“We had meetings in Stamford. He helped me a lot early on, brilliant mind with everything,” Ryback explained. “But toward the end, we had some heated conversations with things. I’d go through him before I’d go to Vince. I told him, ‘You’re the biggest disappointment in my wrestling carer. I grew up loving you and you’re just a f****** disappointment.’ He put his head down and said, ‘Please don’t say that.’ But that’s how I felt.”

(H/T: WrestlingInc)

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