July 19, 2024

Samoa Joe: “I’ve always enjoyed events that I’ve seen on Saturday Nights”

Samoa Joe recently was in “Kick Rocks Wrestling podcast” where he talked about AEW Collision, he feels AEW Collision would give lots of opportunities to AEW roster.

“I mean, Obviously it’s exciting to kind of add another show to the lineup for AEW. You know doing Saturday Night Wrestling, obviously if the tv model was anything like it has been in the past, I would kind of believe some of those comments, but it’s very different world, very different environment. I think Saturday Nights are really great night, I’ve always enjoyed events that I’ve seen on Saturday Nights. So to have the opportunity to kind of give a lot of the AEW roster, maybe doesn’t get enough time throughout the week and kind of showcase a lot of the talent that we have had, I think that’s kind of a valid criticism, where when you look at the AEW roster, you look up and down the roster, you see the tremendous, talented athletes but there’s almost not enough time to see them all. I think AEW Collision will be able to definitely expand the fan experience as far as the wrestlers you get to see every week.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article, please credit “Kick Rocks Wrestling podcast” an h/t to WrestlingManiafan for the transcription.

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