June 25, 2024

Samoa Joe says he knew Roman Reigns becoming a huge star was “Inevitable”

Roman Reigns is arguably one of the greatest champion in this era. It wasn’t an easy journey for him, even though Vince McMahon believed in him but fans used to boo him when he was a face. Roman Reigns joined hands with Paul Heyman and the rest is history. Nobody could do better role as Tribal Chief than Roman Reigns.

Samoa Joe recently gave an interview to Metro.co.uk, where he talked about Roman Reigns. Samoa Joe says he knew Roman Reigns would be a huge star one day.

Samoa Joe on Roman Reigns’ current WWE run

“Just understand that a lot of what you see today, I saw back then and knew it was inevitable… That’s the biggest thing that I can take away from Roman and being in the ring with him, I realised that, ‘Yep, this is gonna be the one.’ I knew it just took time, and him doing his thing, and then finally getting the opportunity to be something that he’s more comfortable being. And there we go!’”

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