April 22, 2024

Santos Escobar: “I gave Rey a clean way out of this industry, like a legend.”

Rey Mysterio made his return to WWE during last night’s WWE SmackDown, and helped Carlito beat Santos Escobar. Rey Mysterio was out of action from last couple of months due to the injury he suffered during the attack of Santos Escobar.

Santos Escobar while speaking with WWE SmackDown Exclusive told that he gave a clean way out to Rey Mysterio from this industry but he returned again. Santos also says he would end Rey Mysterio, and there wouldn’t be any surprise return anymore.

“There was no plan, Byron. It was destiny. Tonight was the final chapter in the book. I said it, and I always deliver. You know it, and they know it. Tonight was the final chapter in this book. LWO was to be eradicated, eliminated. I gave Rey a clean way out of this industry, like a legend, with his head held up high. WWE Hall of Famer.”

“This is my time. It was supposed to be my moment, and he took it away. Now tonight, with the so-called surprise return, it’s fair game. I will end Rey Mysterio, and this time, there’s not gonna be a surprise comeback. It will be the end of Rey Mysterio and his legacy. The only legacy that’s gonna matter is familia [Legado del Fantasma],” (H/T: Fightful)

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