July 21, 2024

Saraya was offered GM role by Triple H, was terrified on idea of returning to WWE

Saraya(Paige) had a pretty great career in WWE but after her injury she was never seen wrestling again in WWE. Paige was released by WWE in 2022. Saraya is currently working with AEW.

Saraya recently gave an interview to Metro.co.uk, where she talked about Triple H, WWE and more.

Saraya on Triple H

 ‘Man, I do love Hunter, he’s so fantastic. He was like, “Wait what happaned?! I was like, “I dunno, they haven’t renewed my contract”. He was like, “Oh my gosh! Well I didn’t know that, so I’m sorry!” He was really fantastic. He did give me the opportunity to potentially be a GM again, and give me the opportunity to be like, “If you ever potentially want to wrestle again, I’ll give you that opportunity too”. He was very open about any ideas that I had.’

Saraya on idea of going back to WWE after getting released

‘I know Triple H is fantastic, and he’s an awesome boss and I know that because I worked with him in NXT. He’s still half the boss, and the other half is the Nick [Khan] guy right, who I haven’t met yet. I don’t know if I would end up sitting on my arse for another five years, and that terrified me. And then not being able to do other projects terrified me. I can’t sit on my butt again and do nothing! I can’t ask to go and do this and that and be told no again. I needed my freedom, and Tony was willing straight out of the gate to give that to me. “Just come to work when you’re supposed to come to work”. OK, absolutely, I can do that!’

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