July 21, 2024

Seth Rollins on Dominik’s heel run: “I could see this coming, he’s not built to be a babyface”

Dominik Mysterio is arguably one of the top heel in WWE right now. Dominik Mysterio last night on NXT defeated Wes Lee and wins WWE NXT North American Championship. Dominik Mysterio previously used to team up with Rey Mysterio, but Rey used to get all the limelight. So Dominik turned on his father and joined the Judgement Day.

Seth Rollins recently was on Impaulsive podcast, where he talked about Dominik Mysterio, Seth Rollins says he knew Dominik Mysterio will eventually become a heel.

“I was sitting in a live event not long ago and he [Dominik Mysterio] was getting booed just out of the building and one of our producers, Hurricane Helms, was sitting there with me and he’s like, ‘If you would’ve told me six months ago he’s gonna be a top heel in the business, would you believe it?’ And I was like, ‘Yes.’ That’s the visionary part. I could see this coming… because he’s not built to be a babyface.”

“He’s Rey Mysterio’s kid. Same thing, people think he’s getting handed everything, being Rey’s kid and it’s so easy to wanna hate nepotistic jerks, right? People digging off their family name, it’s easy to hate that and I’m like, they’re gonna love him at first but eventually, it’s all gonna come back around.” (H/T: Post Wrestling)

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