May 22, 2024

Seth Rollins once “Profusely Apologized” to John Cena for breaking his nose

Seth Rollins was having a great run in 2015, he always gave his best in the ring. During his match against John Cena on July 27 2015 episode of RAW, Seth Rollins accidently hit John Cena’s nose with his knee. Seth Rollins received serious criticism for this incident.

Seth Rollins appeared in CBS Atlanta 92.8’s The Game Morning, in 2016 where he recalled the incident and his apology to John Cena

“I apologized profusely. John Cena and I wrestled a million times and every once in a while you’d get a clunker in there. But this one was just, for some reason, I just made real contact with his face, and rearranged it pretty bad.” (H/T Wrestling Inc)

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