June 25, 2024

Solo Sikoa Comments On Jey Uso Quitting WWE

Jey Uso confronts Jimmy Uso on last night’s SmackDown. Jimmy explains why he turned on Jey at WWE SummerSlam. Jimmy says he turned on him because he loves him, he doesn’t want Jey Uso to become a bad guy like Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns who was standing beside them, was laughing at The Uso brothers. Jimmy walks out of the ring. Roman Reigns says nobody cares about The Uso brothers. Jey was furious hearing Roman’s word, so he hits a brutal superkick to Roman Reigns. Jey calls out Jimmy to comeback to the ring, Jimmy came running towards him for a hug but Jey hits a superkick to Jimmy.

Jey was mad at his family, so he told that he’s out of The Bloodline, The SmackDown, and even WWE. Fans were shocked to here that. It is also important to note that Jey Uso is removed from current WWE roster page and now he is added into the WWE’s alumni’s list,

Solo Sikoa tweets the following after his brother, Jey leaves WWE, Solo seemingly mentions that The Bloodline doesn’t need Jey Uso anymore.

We don’t need you.

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