July 20, 2024

Stone Cold says Usos are one of the best tag team on planet earth

Stone Cold was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda Wrestling, where he talked about Roman Reigns, Usos and more

When he was asked about Roman Reigns

“I will acknowledge it, he is doing some amazing work and you know, it took a while for him to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and they didn’t book him in the greatest fashion at certain points of his career, but when he walked through the door, he was one of those guys, had that look and had that ‘it’ factor, like we can do the right thing with this guy, he’s gonna get over. They finally started doing the right thing, he got into a mindset of where he’s at right now and he’s just crushing it. I couldn’t be prouder of the guy, you know all those Samoans can work their a$$es off.

“The Usos are just killing it, Jimmy and Jey, were just kind of like, they were a tag team but now they are a tag team with an identity, a character that whole thing, the uh you know the table, what you called ‘the bloodline’, the whole bloodline thing. So they great as a unit because and they’re all related but Jimmy and Jey just in and out themselves as the Usos, they are a thing now and they’re force to be reckoned with, they’re one of the best tag teams on planet earth right now.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Sportskeeda Wrestling an h/t to WrestlingManiaFan.in for the transcription

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