June 8, 2024
MJF Sting

Teddy Long says Sting should have retirement match against MJF

Sting is arguably one of the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in the ring, he has worked with many major wrestling promotions. Sting is currently signed with AEW. It is also rumoured that Sting could have a potential retirement match soon.

Teddy Long recently was interviewed by Sportskeeda Wrestling, where he talked about Sting, Teddy Long feels Sting should have his retirement match against MJF.

“I’m kind of like you, I’m trying to figure out who would be in that spot. To really make it interesting, I’d like to see it be MJF. When you get in there with Jericho, you’ve got to go, okay, you’ve got to roll. Same thing with MJF. If he gets in there with Sting, he’s going to bring it to him. So Sting knows if he’s going to be the man, he’s gotta keep up. I think he can keep up.” (H/T: EWrestlingNews)

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