April 18, 2024

The Bloodline dismantles Drew McIntyre | WWE Smackdown results 8/26

Sami Zayn goes head to head against Drew McIntyre in the main event. Drew McIntyre was in control of the match but Zayn tried to get under Drew’s skin.

Usos came in to distract Drew McIntyre but that was not enough for Drew to lose the match. Drew punches both Jey and Jimmy Uso and hits the Claymore kick to Sami Zayn to win the match. After the match, Roman Reigns marched toward the ring and spears Drew McIntyre but Drew tries to fight back but numbers game was not in his favour. Usos attacked him from behind and that was enough for Roman Reigns to recover and started to attack Drew McIntyre.

Usos hits Drew McIntyre with chair and pushes him through the commentary table. Sami Zayn hit Helluva kick and Roman locks Drew McIntyre with  guillotine lock. Drew McIntyre was lying in the ring helplessly. Roman Reigns puts chair on top of him and sits with Undisputed titles.

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