June 25, 2024

The Bloodline vs RK-Bro & Drew McIntyre | WrestleMania Backlash Results

Crowd was chanting Randy, Randy. Even after all the superstar entered the ring, without a doubt, Randy got the loudest chants in this match. Randy Orton & Jimmy Uso started the match. Randy tagged Riddle, Riddle tagged Drew. Drew attacked Jimmy Uso & called Roman to tag Jimmy & enter the ring. Paul Heyman told Roman Reigns not to enter the match now. Roman Reigns tagged JImmy & enter the ring. Without fighting, he tagged Jey Uso.

Riddle & Jimmy both were hurt, Riddle tagged Drew McIntyre & Jimmy tagged Roman Reigns, both were seeing face to face, attacking each other , Roman Reigns knees to the mid section, attacks Roman Reigns and was in the verge of claymore kick, but Jey attacked Drew McIntyre that was enough for Roman Reigns to hit a superman punch to Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns punches Drew McIntyre many times, Drew was down Roman Reigns took title from Paul Heyman & rising his title & showing off to all the fans, attacked Riddle. Drew hits Claymore to Roman Reigns. Both Roman & Drew McIntyre were down, crowds were chanting chanting Randy, Randy. Drew tagged Randy, Roman Reigns tagged Jimmy Uso.

Randy Orton hits powerslam to both Jimmy & Jey Uso. Randy hits a DDT, to Jimmy Uso, Randy Orton started to hear the voice in the head. he was punching ring, and was waiting to hit an RKO to Jimmy, Jey Uso attacked him from behind, Randy throws him outside the ring. Roman Reigns tried to hit a superman punch to Randy, instead got hit by a RKO outta of nowhere. Jimmy hits a superkick to Randy, Randy Orton delivers a RKO to Jimmy. tries to pin him but Jey Uso saved the match by attacking Randy.

Randy tagged Riddle, Jimmy tagged Jey, Riddle was attacking Jimmy, Riddle punches ring like preparing himself to hit an RKO to Jey, but he failed to hit an RKO, Randy was attacking Jimmy outside the ring, Roman Reigns hits an superman punch to Randy Orton. Riddle hits an RKO to Jey, Roman tagged Jey & hits an spear to Riddle & won the match.

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