April 22, 2024

The Rock praises Rhea Ripley: “keep kickin’ a$$ and raising the bar.”

Rhea Ripley is the current WWE Women’s World Champion. Ever since she joins The Judgment Day, her wrestling career changed completely.

Rhea Ripley’s chemistry with Dominik Mysterio is widely appreciated by fans. Dominik and Rhea helped each other grow as a superstar. Rhea and Dominik Mysterio are two of the top superstars currently in WWE.

The Rock made an appearance on last Monday’ WWE RAW. He teased a potential match against his cousin Roman Reigns. The Rock shared a series of picture on Instagram of him alongside Rhea Ripley and Cathy Kelley. The Rock says he had lot of fun backstage, thanks Rhea Ripley and Cathy Kelley.

She wears black. I love black. She’s a bad ass. And I got famous for wearing a fanny pack. We had fun f*cking around backstage 😈🥃 Love, appreciate and respect you champ @rhearipley_wwe – thanks for trusting me with your title, keep kickin’ ass and raising the bar 🖤💪🏾 Big shout to @cathykelley for being a total pro and having fun 🎤 👊🏾 #peopleschamp ✊🏾

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