March 2, 2024

Tony Khan on CM Punk’s WWE return: “It’s not something I can legally talk about.”

CM Punk is arguably one of the most talked about wrestler in recent times. Before returning to WWE, he was signed with All Elite Wrestling. CM Punk was one of the prominent star there.

CM Punk reportedly had backstage altercation with Jack Perry during AEW All In 2023, which resulted in CM Punk getting fired from AEW. Everybody were shocked when Tony announced the firing of CM Punk.

CM Punk made his return back to WWE after 9 years. Crowd went absolutely crazy when CM Punk music hit. CM Punk is advertised for Tonight’s RAW, it will be interesting to see what CM Punk is up to.

Tony Khan in a recently interview with BBC’s Steve Hermon was asked about CM Punk’s return to WWE. Tony Khan says he cannot legally talk about it.

“Can’t talk about that, nor do I think it’s the time and the place. I appreciate you asking, I’m very excited about AEW All In at Wembley Stadium. Not to dodge your question, but it’s not something I can legally talk about.” (H/T: RingSideNews)

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