April 22, 2024

Triple H: “Everything you do is dependent on reactions.”

Triple H is the Chief Content Officer of WWE. He takes the final decisions in WWE creatives. It might be the first WrestleMania where Triple H has complete control over creatives in WWE.

Triple H recently gave an interview to ESPN, where he talked about WWE creatives. Triple H says they calls audibles every week, he also notes that everything depends on fans reaction.

“Now it’s a different time, and the way I do things is slightly different. My career, I learned from being here, but there were things along the way that I always thought I would do differently. In this time now, I get to make those calls and with a large team of people. Whether people will want to believe it or not, I think we were sort of looking at this as here’s where we’re going to go to get this started and it has the opportunity of going this way or that way.

“We always have to call audibles every single week. Everything you do is dependent on reactions. That’s what we do as an industry. … The beautiful thing with this group and with Cody and Roman and Rock especially, everybody’s got their ear to the ground. … And then we all just get together and figure the s— out.”

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