June 8, 2024

Update on Drew McIntyre’ WWE contract status

Drew McIntyre is one of the top superstar in WWE right now. There are rumours that Drew’s WWE contract could expires soon, and Drew is unhappy with creative and the money for the contract renewal. Fans started speculating Drew could sign with AEW.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio reported that Drew McIntyre was not in this weeks SmackDown because he might be injured or taking some rest. Meltzer also noted that Drew McIntyre will still be in contract with WWE when AEW goes to Wembley Stadium for AEW ALL IN PPV.

“Whatever it is was there before WrestleMania, because he worked through WrestleMania and did the WrestleMania match with whatever this situation is.

“The injury or the ‘banged up’ or whatever – he was getting through doing WrestleMania. I don’t know how long he’s out or anything like that. But that’s the situation.

“And there’s the other situation which is the contract situation, which isn’t really related to this, but has gotten out this week. And that’s legit too in the sense that they’re not close on money.

“It’s a long ways away. I hear people going like, ‘Oh he’s gonna be at the Wembley (AEW) show’ and it’s like… I don’t have the date, but I don’t think that’s contractually possible. I think that his contract runs well past that date.”

(H/T: WrestleTalk)

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