December 9, 2023

Vince McMahon nets $641 Million after selling 8.4 Million TKO shares

Vince McMahon recently decided to sell 8.4 million shares of TKO. It is also important to note TKO in its Q3 Sec filings mentioned Vince McMahon ownership in board as risk factor which might affect business.

TKO in its recent press release confirms the completion of Vince McMahon’s 8.4 Million share sale at a price of $76.41 per share. Vince’s shares were sold at $79.80 per share but due to underwriting discount and commission, he had to pay $3.39 per share. So Vince McMahon nets $76.41 per share.

Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics after analysing the TKO’s press release notes that Vince McMahon still owns 20 million TKO shares, which is 12% of the company. Vince McMahon previously held 16% of the company.

Vince McMahon ended up selling 8,400,000 $TKO shares at a price of $76.41/share after underwriting discount and commission to Morgan Stanley. Comes out to net proceeds of $641,844,000. He still holds about 20 million TKO shares, ~12% of the company. He held ~16% before this.

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