June 9, 2024

WWE expected to make “minor” cuts to his roster by July 1

WWE recently agreed to merge with Endeavor, which is the parent company of UFC, to form a $21 billion sports entertainment company.

Ever since the merger, rumours started circulating that WWE could do some cost cutting. PWInsider previously reported that there are some “slightly bubbling paranoia” among talents, mainly those talents who Triple brought back.

WrestleVotes told GiveMeSport that WWE could make minor releases by July 1, due to company circumstance right now.

“I don’t know names at all, but I know a source that has said to expect a minor batch of releases prior to July 1, I think that’s just business. Hopefully I’m wrong on that one, but I would expect prior to the second half of this year, a few cuts just because of the circumstances that the company finds themselves in right now.”

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