April 22, 2024

5 Best Randy Orton’s heel moments

Randy Orton as a heel goes to place that’s very scary. Randy Orton would be in the list of greatest heels in WWE. Randy Orton has a tonnes of heel moments, today let see 5 best heel moments

Randy Orton twists Jeff Hardy’s earlobe

Randy Orton was evil, that was known among WWE fans, but what Randy Orton did to Jeff Hardy was just brutal. Randy Orton & Jeff Hardy fought each other in 2018 Hell In A Cell Match. Randy Orton was just a pure evil in this match. Randy Orton took a screwdriver and inserted it onto Jeff Hardy’s ear. Jeff Hardy was screaming in pain, Randy Orton twisted Jeff’s earlobe with screwdriver.

Randy Orton hits a punt kick to John Cena’s father

Randy Orton and John Cena are best friends off stage but when it comes to live tv there is no better competitor than this two, On 2007 August 27 episode of Raw, John Cena & Booker T were fighting each other in a match, suddenly Randy Orton came out & started attacking John Cena, Booker T also started attacking John Cena. John Cena was down, Randy Orton was ready hit a punt kick but Randy Orton came out of the ring, pulled John Cena father over the barricade & hit a punt kick to him.

Randy Orton dismantles Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon wanted apology from Randy Orton for his behaviour on 1/29/2009 episode of Raw. But it did not well for Vince, he did not get a apology but also he was hit by brutal punt kick. Randy Orton gave a interview to notsam yt channel in 2013. He talked about his punk kick to Vince.
“I kicked the crap out of Vince in Chicago all-state arena, when I kicked him, he got a concussion whether he admits it or not. he wanted it he’s like kick me, you better kick me, yeah you know he is crazy, yeah but how can he not be, he sleeps like 2 hours day”.

Randy Orton attacks Edge with steel chair

Edge made a surprise return in 2020 Royal Rumble, he eliminated his Rated-RKO partner Randy Orton, on the following Raw. Randy Orton told Edge, they can reunited to be Rated RKO and suddenly started attacking him with chair. He hits brutally to Edge’s head. He was out of Raw for couple of week as he suffered concussion due Randy’s attack.

Randy Orton made it personal with Triple H


Randy & Triple were scheduled to face each other in Wrestemania 25, Legacy attacked Triple H and handcuffed him to the rope & Randy Orton took a hammer to attack Triple H to the head, Stephanie McMahon came to ring crying & begged Randy Orton not to attack his husband. Randy Orton hits a DDT to Stephanie McMahon, she was lying helplessly as his husband was handcuffed. Randy took hammer to hit Stephanie but puts it down & kissed her in front of Triple H. Triple h was filled with anger, Randy Orton attacks Triple H with Hammer. Both Triple H & Stephanie were lying helplessly.

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