May 23, 2024

Did B Brain Blair reveal Ric Flair’s mystery opponent?

Ric Flair, at the age of 73 set to wrestle a mystery opponent in Nashville, Tennessee July 31 at Jim Crockett Promotions. He termed this match as “Ric Flair’s Last Match”.

B Brian Blair was in Wrestling Shoot Interviews to promote his book Truth Bee Told after promoting his book, he said he is looking forward to seeing Ric Flair & Hogan match.

“I just like to uh say, I’m looking forward to seeing Flair & Hogan…..
I think if Rick were going to die anywhere he’d want to die in the ring. You know Terry’s had his fair share of surgeries way too many and you know. I’m getting ready to call Terry here in couple of minutes.

“I just wish them uh the very best, I know the fans are the ones that have been really egging it on that really want to see it and so it’s it sparked them and all I can say is it’ll be interesting and i just pray that they both come out in one piece ….
then again you never know you got two of the greatest minds in the business uh you never know you could sure decorate things up and bring things into create more illusion and create much better match that much most people would even think about”.

Interviewer questIioned that he never mentioned Hulk Hogan name, he asked him that was he telling that Hulk Hogan was secret opponent of Ric Flair.
“That’s what I well (moment of silence) that’s what the rumours, I don’t know that could be a face. I read it on the internet”.

Interviewer told that he thought he might had an inside line.
” I do have an inside line but I mean that’s why I got a call and make sure it’s I want to make sure it’s not Terry it can’t be well”.

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