May 23, 2024

Matt Riddles gives an update on Randy Orton’s health & RK-Bro future | WWE Raw (5/23)

Riddle made his way to the ring, Fans were chanting Bro-Bro for Riddle. He told that he came here with heavy heart. He say Randy is his mentor & told he was his dude. Fans were chanting “RK-BRO”.

Riddle says last couple of years was hard for Randy, he told last couple of months eventhough they had time of their lives, He says Randy has been having a hard time lately, Riddle told Randy’s back is giving a hard time for Randy & last friday before unification match Randy was barely able to walk. Riddle say Randy would never let him down, he would never let fans down.

Riddle says Randy knew how much it meant for the fans, Riddle told they lost to The Usos. Riddle told Usos were one hell of a team & hats of them. Riddle says Usos to win that way, Riddle told Roman Reigns was a backstabbing piece of thrash, piece of garbage & guys who himself thinks as the mountain. Riddle told he would get his vengeance back on Roman Reigns, Jey, Jimmy & anybody who would be a part of Bloodline, he told he would get his vengeance.

Riddle told Randy had done lot for him, Riddle says he loves Randy & tells Randy would be watching on home. Riddle told he does not know what future hold for RK-Bro. Riddle says he doesn’t know RK-Bro will ever be a thing again. Riddle ask fans to chant RK-Bro & tells to the camera that’s for Randy.

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