May 23, 2024

Sasha Banks is enjoying her time with Snoop Dogg

Sasha Banks is the most talked about superstar right now, after she walked out of Raw, PWInsider broke the news first about Sasha & Naomi walkout of Raw. Sasha Banks and Naomi are yet to release any statements.

Snoop Dogg uploaded a series of photos with Sasha Banks, which had a deep meaning.

Snoop Dogg added a caption which made Sasha Banks fans very happy. Snoop Dogg added Bloodline as caption & tagged Sasha Banks. But that was not the end after couple of hours, he uploaded another photo where both were seems to be dancing in the photo.

Dave Meltzer in Wrestling Observer Radio noted that Sasha was scheduled to face Charlotte Flair in WrestleMania, which was booked couple of months ago, Meltzer told that WWE did not expect Ronda Rousey could return so early so Sasha was moved down to tag & WWE gave her tag team title as concession. Sasha Banks was very unhappy with booking.

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