May 22, 2024

John Cena & Kevin Owens defeats Roman Reigns & Sami Zayn | SmackDown 12/30

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn starts the match, Kevin Owens tells Sami that he is getting insulted in front of Tribal Chief. Sami Zayn tags Roman Reigns. Crowd starts chanting Cena, Cena.

Kevin was thinking of tagging John Cena but Roman Reigns hits a brutal clothesline, Roman tagged Sami. Sami was in control of the match. Kevin Owens tried to tag John was attacked by Roman from behind so that he could not get tagged.

Sami tags Roman, Tribal Chief was in control of the match. Roman goes for the spear but misses which helped Kevin Owens to tag John Cena. Roman tags Sami, John Cena starts attacking Sami Zayn, John Cena does You can’t see me on Roman Reigns, Tribal Chief got furious and enters the ring.

John Cena hits Roman Reigns both Zayn and Roman were laying in the ring John tags Kevin Owens. John Cena and Kevin Owens hit double Five Knuckle Shuffle on Reigns and Sami. John hits AA to Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens hits Stunner to Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens pins Sami Zayn for the win.

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