May 23, 2024

Charlotte Flair returns and beats Ronda Rousey to Win SmackDown Women’s Champion 12/30

Ronda wins hard fought match against Raquel Rodriguez, while she was celebrating her victory. Charlotte Flair made a surprise return.

Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler were shocked to see Charlotte Flair. Ronda asked Charlotte Flair does she want a title shot at Royal Rumble but Charlotte says she wanted a total shot today. Ronda Rousey agrees for the match.

Charlotte started attacking from the word go, Charlotte hit a big boot to Ronda’s head, and goes for pin Ronda kicks out. Charlotte Flair hit a kick to Shayna Baszler face. Ronda Rousey tries to lock arm bar but Charlotte rolls her for the pin to win the SmackDown Women’s Title.

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