June 25, 2024

Elias says Ezekiel still in Coma, “It’s hard to see my brother like that”

Ezekiel made his WWE debut in 2022, but Kevin Owens didn’t believe Ezekiel is Elias’ brother, he thought Ezekiel is Elias. Kevin Owens tried hard to prove Ezekiel is Elias but failed miserably. Kevin Owens wrestled Ezekiel on Aug 8th episode of RAW, Owens powerbombs Ezekiel on ring apron, since then Ezekiel was not seen in WWE ring again.

Elias was recently interviewed by WWE Deutschland, where he talked about Ezekiel, Elias says Ezekiel is still in Coma

“Yeah I gotta be honest with you. The boss is in way more contact with him than I am. He wants to know like when’s he gonna be back, how is he, everything like that. But the truth is all the reports I get is that he’s still in a coma.

He’s in the hospital recovering. Ever since he was taken out by Kevin Owens. I don’t know if you remember when the whole family was gathered by the hospital bed. I kinda keep my distance now to protect myself emotionally. It’s hard to see my brother like that. But all the reports I get say that he’s still in a coma, and we’re hoping for a recovery though.”(H/T: RingSideNews)

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