July 19, 2024

Paul Heyman on Roman & Cody: “They’re trying to become the most famous member of their family”

Roman Reigns is undefeated in a single’s match for more than 2 years, many wrestlers have tried to dethrone him but failed miserably. Cody Rhodes won 2023 Royal Rumble which secures him a title shot against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39.

Paul Heyman recently gave an interview to Variety, where he talked about Roman Reigns, Cody, The Bloodline and more.

Paul Heyman on Roman Reigns’ Tribal Chief character

“I will honestly state that I’ll put Roman Reigns and his portrayal of the Tribal Chief up against anybody right now in how he has approached a reality-based character of the top star of the industry. And the fact that he’s not recognized by the people that are there to reward such performances with an award, to me, is disconcerting.”

Paul Heyman on Roman and Jey feud in 2020

“All of a sudden you realize this isn’t cold blooded. This isn’t cold hearted. That’s just the veneer that he is presenting. Underneath, this is a deeply emotional man that’s going through his own torment with the pressures and, again using that word, burden of being the head of the table.”

Paul Heyman on Roman Reigns & Cody Rhodes

“There’s more in common with these two characters than there is distinct. In that sense, they’re trying to become the most famous member of their family. And that’s a big, big task to accomplish. They’re both trying to define their own legacies through the main event of WrestleMania.”

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