June 15, 2024

Update on Roman Reigns Pay-Per-View status

We already know Roman Reigns will not be in WWE Hell in a Cell, which is scheduled next week. But there is a new update that Roman might not be present in “Money In The Bank” also.

It is important to note “Money In The Bank” was previously scheduled to be held at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, but due multiple reasons like low ticket sales & also it goes head to head against UFC international fight week, so they changed the venue to MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Dave Meltzer on the recent Wrestling Observer Radio noted as of early in the week Riddle & Nakamura vs Usos was not scheduled at Hell in a Cell. But now it can be scheduled.

“WWE, obviously, SmackDown on Friday is the go-home for this unbelievable pay-per-view show. As of mid-week, early week, or whatever… Early week. The Uso’s match with Nakamura and Riddle was not scheduled for Sunday’s pay-per-view. Now, it could be on Sunday’s pay-per-view.”

Dave Meltzer previously told Roman Reigns could face Riddle in Money In The Bank, as per new report, he says Roman Reigns vs Matt Riddle match is off as of now. He says Roman Reigns could miss the show or face different opponent.

“But, the plan was for it to be… They are doing the match. The plan was to do it in Vegas, which, of course, as you recall, the plan for Vegas was Roman Reigns against Riddle. Now, Roman Reigns is not necessarily off that show, but Roman Reigns and Riddle is probably off the show, but they can always change their minds. They can change everything tomorrow.”

WWE also changed the Money In The Bank poster in which Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns was advertised. In the new poster both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar are removed.

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