May 22, 2024

Update on Brock Lesnar’ status for Money In The Bank 2023

Brock Lesnar is one of the strongest wrestler in WWE, many wrestlers fear to get into the ring with him, over the years he has destroyed many opponents in the ring.

Brock Lesnar’ last match was against Cody Rhodes, Brock Lesnar eventually won the match. Cody Rhodes won the previous, so it makes one each. It was rumoured that Brock vs Cody III could possibly happen at Summerslam.

WRKD Wrestling is reporting that Brock Lesnar could interfere during Cody Rhodes vs Dominik Mysterio, which could pave way for Brock vs Cody III.

Brock Lesnar is expected to appear at Money In The Bank to set up a third, gimmick match with Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam.

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