June 25, 2024

The Usos believe Solo Sikoa will leave Roman Reigns

The Bloodline used to be one of the strongest faction in WWE, no matter how bad the situation gets The Bloodline would always emerged victorious.

Sami Zayn joined The Bloodline and was used to be very loyal to them, when he was asked to choose between The Bloodline and Kevin Owens, he chose Owens. That was the start of the downfall of The Bloodline. The Usos eventually lost the title, Roman lost the trust on them, finally The Usos turned on Roman Reigns.

Now Roman Reigns and Solo is set to face The Usos at The Money In The Bank. WWE shared a video of The Usos preparation for the match. The Usos said Solo will eventually leave Roman Reigns.

Jimmy: Why wouldn’t you want to align yourself with the top, the champ, the best of the best?

Jey: That’s what he’s doing. He’s under that learning tree.

Jimmy: Man of very few words, but…

Jey: He’ll smarten up. He’s gonna smarten up, just like we left his ass, Solo’s gonna get smart too and leave his ass too. ‘Cause that’s what Roman’s been doing lately, mistreating us, man, to stay on top. (H/T: CageSideSeats)

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