July 19, 2024

Tiffany Stratton: “I’m not playing an act almost.”

Tiffany Stratton has become one of the prominent wrestlers in WWE. Tiffany received massive support at Elimination Chamber 2024 PLE. Both WWE and Tiffany Stratton were shocked by massive support for Tiffany Stratton.

Tiffany Stratton recently was interviewed by Witty Whittier, where she talked about fans supporting her. Tiffany Stratton says she’s almost not playing an act.

“You know, I, I’m honestly trying to figure that out as well. I just, I feel like when I go out there, I, I’m kind of just authentically me just kind of turned up a little bit and I feel like people, they notice that and they see that and like, I’m not playing an act almost.”

“So I feel like that’s why people they can relate to me or, they buy whatever I’m putting down. They believe it. They think that that’s really who I am, and that’s because it is.” (H/T: EWrestlingNews)

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