June 25, 2024

Liv Morgan talks about her viral video “we had no idea that we were even being filmed”

Liv Morgan recently attended the New York Knicks basketball game with WWE SVP Justin Scalise. Justin was saying something to Liv Morgan but she seemed like lost in her own world, but fortunately or unfortunately camera was focusing on them. This video went viral on social media sites.

Liv Morgan while appearing on WWE The Bump talked about viral video

“I have so many things I want to say. What is a bizarre moment? It’s so weird to me. Like, what goes viral and what doesn’t? I mean, first of all, I just want to say we had no idea that we were even being filmed. We had no idea that the camera was on us, which doesn’t excuse anything. But that is Justin Scalise, who works here for WWE [SVP Of Live Events]. He’s incredible. He was explaining something to me, and I was watching the game, and I was, like, listening. But I was also kind of deep in my head, thinking my own thoughts. I was just like, Dude. Dude. You know, kind of like in my own world, just so unaware that this was being filmed. And so my phone was, like, just blowing up. And I just see this footage and I just was like, oh, my gosh, Justin, I’m so sorry. And he’s been such a great sport about it.”(H/T: NoDQ.com)

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