June 25, 2024
Jon Moxley comments on Blood

Jim Cornette feels Jon Moxley “needs mental evaluation”

Jon Moxley is one of the craziest wrestler you can ever find. Jon Moxley is ready to go for any extent to win a match and most of the times he doesn’t like normal matches. One of the most thing in his matches is blood. Jon Moxley faced Adam Page in a Texas Death Match at AEW Revolution, that was a very brutal match.

Jim Cornette recently in his Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru podcast talked about Jon Moxley vs Adam Page match

“They want somebody to vent their frustration at why these two are allowed to honestly at this point have a job in this company. And I know you know Hangnail, old Adam Page, they should have jerked a knot in his tail when he did the thing with Punk. But that cost the company a lot of money and lost viewership and revenue and time the snowball, he started rolling down the hill.

“With Moxley, the f*cking expiration date has come to where he doesn’t need rehab, he needs mental evaluation. That’s where he should have gone. Somebody needs to f*cking check and see what the goddamn deal is going on in this f*cking guy’s head. He thinks he’s Freddy Krueger.

(H/T: ITRWrestling)

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