July 21, 2024

Corbin on fans booing him: “It’s pretty awesome though”, lot of people have to work hard to get booed

Baron Corbin has provided us many entertaining storyline over the years. Broke Baron Corbin is one of his best work. Baron Corbin is probably secondly only to The Miz in terms of getting booed from fans.

Baron Corbin recently was interviewed by Fox News where he talked about Royal Rumble, fans booing and more.

Baron Corbin on fans booing him

“Mine’s usually a lot of booing. It’s pretty awesome though, because I think a lot of people have to work hard to get booed, or they have to do something. And the second my music hits, the people are booing. And I think that’s a pretty special thing. I can walk out to that, and it’s awesome. It just gets my blood going and my blood pumping, and it makes me ready for battle.”

Baron Corbin on Royal Rumble

“For me, here in San Antonio, we had the Rumble, and I came to blows with The Undertaker. And I thought that was my first encounter with him. I think I was in the Rumble for like 25 minutes, but Taker’s the one that eliminated me. So, if you’re going to get eliminated, I think doing it by one of the most iconic superstars of all time is pretty awesome.

“You know, I don’t want to have someone like Johnny Gargano throw me out because I like to punch him in his little head. But getting eliminated by Take, I think, is pretty cool and just throwing punches with him. Because I think he’s one of he best punchers in the game. It was a cool experience.”

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