June 25, 2024

Triple H and Vince don’t think Sami could be the face of WWE

Sami Zayn is arguably one of the top baby face in the business. Sami is getting acknowledged for his work over the years. Sami’s storyline with The Bloodline is loved by fans. There was also a report that Sami could be facing Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber, so fans started speculating that Sami and Roman’s rivalry could go a long way.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio is noting that Sami could win championships in WWE but Triple H and Vince doesn’t see him as a face of WWE

“Sami’s not gonna be that guy but yea Sami can win the championship. At this point, I would kind of go in that direction where he would win the championship. But as far as making him the face of the company, can they do that? They won’t. I’ve been absolutely told [that] Vince McMahon and Paul Levesque do not see him as the face of the company. That doesn’t mean he’s not gonna win the Rumble. It doesn’t mean he’s gonna be in the Rumble. I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. He basically said the same thing, it’s not gonna happen.”(H/T: RingSideNews)

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