June 9, 2024

Seth Rollins does not want Punk to return to WWE “Stay away, you cancer. Get away from me forever”

Seth Rollins couple of years ago called out Punk for a match at WrestleMania 36, but Punk said he doesn’t have plan on wrestling.

Seth Rollins recently spoke to Nick Hausman of WrestlingInc, where he was asked about possibility of CM Punk returning to WWE.

“Stay away. Stay away, you cancer. Get away from me forever. I don’t like Phil. He’s a jerk. Oh, did we just figure that out? Everybody in the room is like ‘oh no, did he say that?’ Yeah. No, he’s a jerk. Come on, we figured it out over there. We knew it over here. I don’t want him back. Go do something else, bye bye.”(H/T: NODQ.com)

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