April 16, 2024

John Cena returns to RAW | WWE Raw 6/27

Vince McMahon introduces John Cena. Whole WWE roaster were in entrance to welcome John Cena. Whole arena was filled with Cena chants. Cena was speechless for a minute. He was very happy to be in Raw.

John Cena says todays is his WWE Birthday, he says he can feel the energy in the arena, He says he could not have think of a better place to celebrate his birthday, he continued on saying he never celebrate his milestones and always look forward what’s next and says tonight is different and has nothing to do whatever he has done, any moment or any match and says everything is about fans tonight.

He says 20th anniversary is important to him as fan allowed him do that for two decades continues saying fans have created an environment for him, where he can be himself. He says fans have told him when he sucked and when he was not. He says he always wanted to thank fans but he says he was waiting for the right moment and he says this was the right moment. Fans were chanting ‘Thank You Cena’. and he says fans have made him a better person.

He says it has been 20 years and he is 45 years old now and says he doesn’t know when can fans see him in ring again and continues saying he doesn’t mean he won’t but don’t know when. He says anything he does outside, it was always them not him, and says it always us. John Cena finishes with his signature line “If you want some, come get some!”.

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