June 9, 2024

(Cesaro)Claudio Castagnoli debuts at AEW x NJPW : Forbidden door

Bryan Danielson was supposed to face Zack Sabre Jr in Forbidden door but last week Bryan in AEW Dynamite told that he is not medically cleared to wrestle in Forbidden and Blood & Guts. Bryan told that he has found a person who he can trust and can defeat Zack Sabre in every level.

From last couple of days, everybody were anticipating (Cesaro) Claudio to be the replacement for Danielson, all their anticipation came true tonight in Forbidden Door. Entire arena were very happy to see Claudio as a newest member of Black Pool Combat. He got the loudest cheers in his evening.

Claudio was in a hurry to finish the match, he started the match with a uppercut and neutralizer, tries to pin him but he kicks out. Zack rolls of the ring. Fans were chanting Claudio, Claudio hits a vertical suplex to Zack. Zack was also giving a tough fight for Claudio. Zack hits a La Mistica for Claudio.

Zack and Claudio were hitting multiple uppercuts to each other. Claudio hits a brutal clothesline and ricola bomb to win the match.

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