May 23, 2024

CM Punk injured requires surgery

CM Punk walked into the stage with tears in this eyes. He tells when he got in earlier today every bone in his body was screaming at him to go home and just hug his wife & Larry.

He tells every bone in his body means even his broken bones wants him to go home. He says his brain wanted him to stay, he tells his guts told him everybody there & watching him live deserved an explanation. He says how he had told fans when he joined AEW that he would wrestle and give him his all until his wheel would fell off.

He says he has a good news and a bad news. he says last thing he ever wants to feel was letting them down & he says last thing he wants to do his leave them feeling with disappointment. He said until now, he had not made them feel that way. He said he loved every second he was at that ring. He said that the moments he experienced in that ring was a gift to him. He says that he never thought he would never experience it again.

Fans starts screaming CM Punk. He told the bad news. He says the bad news was that he is injured and he needs surgery, he says couple of things are broken but biggest thing broken is was his heart. He says he would love nothing more than performing for all of them. He says he wanted to go for hell of a run.

He says that wheels have not fallen off still. He said he had worse, he would return back strong. He says he can’t when he can return back.

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