April 16, 2024

5 Best Shield Moments in WWE

Shield made their debut in 2012. It is one of greatest faction in recent times. All three wrestlers have achieved almost everything in WWE & Dean Ambrose is having success in other promotion as well, Roman Reigns is the top superstars in WWE, Seth Rollins has had many championship and many WrestleMania moments.

Let’s see 5 Best Shield Moments in WWE

Shield’s WWE debut | WWE Survivor Series 2012

Shield marched into the ring, started attacking Ryback mercilessly. It was a 3 on 1 attacks fans were in complete shock to see. It took some for fans to realize they are from NXT. They powerbombs him through the announce table. There was complete silence. That was the start of Shield takeover of WWE.

Shield vs Wyatt Family | WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

Shield and Wyatt Family always gives their best in the match. Wyatt Family won the match. But this match made fans realise that Roman Reigns can manage three superstars at a time. Wyatt Family made sure to keep Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins down. Seth Rollins put through the announce table, Dean was nowhere to be seen. Roman Reigns was standing alone in the ring he hits few superman punches, spears but that was not enough, ultimately Wyatt Family won the match.

Shield attacks Undertaker | WWE Smackdown

Dean Ambrose and Undertaker were in a match, Dean’s Shield mates were outside the ring supporting, Dean gave a tough fight for Undertaker. Undertaker hits a chokeslam, Seth intervenes in the match. Dean Ambrose hits a low blow to Undertaker and hits his finisher. That was not enough to pin Undertaker, Undertaker locks Dean with Hell’s Gate and Dean taps out. Shield starts attacking Undertaker.

Shield with Tag Team and US title | Extreme Rules 2013

Dean Ambrose defeats Kofi Kingston to win US title & Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins defeated Team Hell No to win Tag Team Champion. All the members of Shield with title was a very happy moment for Shield but too at the same night. Fans were happy to see Shield winning the title.

Shield’s goodbye to Dean Ambrose | WWE RAW

It was emotional for the Shield as they made debut on the same day. Due to some unknown reason Dean was not ready to renew his contract. Dean Ambrose was ready to exit WWE. So Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns gave a Shield goodbye to Dean Ambrose, everyone were laughing but it was emotional as the group member leaving them.

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