March 2, 2024

Asuka vs Becky vs Bianca | HIAC 2022 Results

Becky & Asuka got mild fans reaction but when Bianca made her entrance fans were full of joy. Fans were chanting EST.

Bianca and Asuka made a team and started attacking Becky and throws her out than theses two started fighting. Bianca tries to hit KOD but Asuka converted it into flying arm bar. Bianca carries her and throws her on to the turnbuckle. Becky Lynch starts attacking Bianca and Asuka.

Asuka hits Becky with multiple backfist & suplex and followed it with hip attack and tries to pin her but that was enough. Bianca returns to the ring and starts attacking Becky and Asuka. Both were in the corner of the ring. Becky pulls her hair Bianca pulls her to the corner of the ring.

Asuka locks Becky and Bianca with ankle lock both escapes then Becky tries to arm lock but Bianca but she almost converted it KOD. Asuka hits a drop kick to Bianca. Becky throws Asuka out of the ring and tries to pin Bianca but was able count only two.

Asuka locks the Asuka lock on the middle of the ring, Bianca breaks the lock. Becky throws Bianca out of the ring. Becky hits a man handle slam and tries to pin Asuka but Bianca pulls her behind throws her out and pinned Asuka to win the match.

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