May 23, 2024

Seth Rollins vs Cody Rhodes | HIAC 2022 Results

There were many rumours before the Match that Cody Rhodes is injured, It will hard for him to Wrestle, later WWE released a statement that Cody is injured but he is ready to Wrestle.

Seth Rollins made his entrance by wearing a gear which mocked Cody Rhodes father, Cody walked into the ring with big bruise in his chest. Cody was in a hurry to finish the match as his bruise was very bad. Cody hits disaster kicks and a Cody cutter but he was in pain when he hit the cutter, Cody was screaming in pain.

Cody Rhodes locks Seth Rollins with Figure-four lock, Seth somehow got to the rope took a tendo stick and attacked Cody on his injury. He was in serious pain. Cody hits few jabs. Seth attacks Cody with belt. Seth was hitting him on his injured part, fans were shocked to see Seth Rollin attacking Cody Rhodes mercilessly.

Seth Rollins took a table onto the ring, tries to powerbomb him through the table but Cody converts it into a cross rhodes, that was not enough to pin Seth Rollins, Cody tries to push him through the table but Seth powerbombs Cody through the table. Seth Rollins takes a hammer to finish Cody Rhodes tries to hit with hammer. Cody kicks him that made hammer fall, Seth was in a verge to pedigree Cody but Cody reverse it and hits a pedigree, again Seth kicks out. Cody Rhodes hit multiple cross Rhodes and hit Seth with hammer and wins the match.

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