April 16, 2024

Mandy Rose on transition from WWE to FanTime “It’s been awesome”

Mandy Rose recently was interviewed by Adam’s Apple Youtube Channel, where she talked about her transition from WWE to FanTime

“It’s been awesome. Like I said, an outpour from my fans and I’m excited to continue with it.

Mandy Rose getting released from WWE was a shocking news for wrestling fans, she was NXT Women’s Champion for 400+ days. Mandy lost her title to Roxanne Perez, she was very happy to pass on the title to young NXT talent.

Mandy Rose previously made an appearance in Tamron Hall Show, where she said she’s always grateful for WWE.

“Honestly, everything happens for a reason. And I can’t even say I was wrong because I am so forever grateful for everything that the WWE has presented me with. So I can’t sit here and say that I was wronged or not, because the overwhelmingly, I’m hurt 100%. I’m very hurt. Nobody, no one wants to get that call that you’re being fired from any job, right? So I was very hurt. I was very disappointed. I was disappointed so much more because of everything that I put into the business.”(H/T: NoDQ.com)

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