April 18, 2024

Bray Wyatt seemingly reacts to fans concern about his future in WWE after Vince’s return

Bray Wyatt’s return was one of the most anticipated return in 2022, Bray Wyatt return got the loudest cheer in 2022, fans were very delighted to see him back in WWE.

A fan tweeted that he was afraid that he could lose Bray Wyatt again. This concern maybe due to Vince returning back to WWE. Bray and Vince does not have a very good relationship, Bray was released during Vince’s management. Bray Wyatt liked the fan tweet.

@Windham6 #BrayWyatt Dear Bray Wyatt. I know that you’re not that man, anymore. But… Turns out I do have fear, Bray. I have a fear of losing you, again from the WWE. That’s my fear.

Triple H gives some creative control to Bray Wyatt, Vince McMahon is not known for giving some creative control to wrestlers, and also Vince is not a fan of Bray Wyatt’s form of storytelling.

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