July 21, 2024

Update on Cody Rhodes’s injury

Cody Rhodes wrestled in one of the best HIAC match vs Seth Rollins with his torn pec muscle. Cody Rhodes told that he needs to get surgery for his torn pec muscle,

Various photo of Cody Rhodes torn pec muscle circulated on social media which look very awful. With his current body condition it is not advisable for him to wrestle at least for couple of months. But it was also not advisable for him to wrestle in HIAC but he still did.

Cody Rhodes was in following HIAC Raw, Seth Rollins again attacks him on his injury. Cody Rhodes right now. All we want is to be absolutely ready when he returns back, we do not want injured Cody to return quickly get himself injure again.

Brandi Rhodes gave a update on Cody Rhodes injury.
“The doctor just repaired Cody’s pectoral tendon which was torn completely off the bone. Successful surgery. He is on the road to recovery now.”

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