April 16, 2024

Sami Zayn talks about Knoxville Match in WrestleMania

Sami Zayn was in the latest episode of WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves podcast, he talked about his Wrestlemania match, Gunter and more

When Sami Zayn was asked about his match against Johnny Knoxville:

“Oh man, I do not know where to begin. But I like to, there is one little statement he made, I like to expand it upon bit here. I don’t want to get into like cause it could become a real rant here, I don’t want to go into anatomy of a match kind of a thing. While it was a spectacle, while it was dressed with all kinds of special effects, stuffs you don’t normally get to do with a normal WWE star and a normal wrestling match.

“I still think it was actually a great wrestling match, cause if you look at the things, actually the components of the wrestling match were all there, we didn’t throw anything out of the framework of a wrestling match to create this match. It was an entertaining spectacle within the framework of a wrestling match. So there is still an established baby face, a good guy and bad guy and story telling is all there and even the gags and goofs of Johnny Knoxville, there is that and there is also those are his moves cause he is not a wrestler.”

“I think people will talk about it that for years and years, but for maybe different reasons let say Cody and Seth match in HIAC were talking about, so another thing. I’m really proud of over the match is, it’s we created something that doesn’t actually, like it doesn’t really exist. there’s not really a match like that anywhere else. Because there is only one Johnny Knoxville and one Sami Zayn and one WrestleMania.”

Sami Zayn talks about Gunther

oh, of course Gunther, I’m a big fan of Gunther. I don’t like Ricochet chances. Yeah, I think I wrestled him in 2011 or something or if that is 2010 in Germany and he was really good, you know I had a pretty good relationship with one of the guys who did the hiring back in NXT, when I first got in here, he asked me about him Walter at that time. What about this Walter, Big Van Walter, I was like yeah great you should get him, he is really good. And I don’t know why they passed, I think at that time. He just he had real baby face, I mean, I don’t mean he was the good guy. He looked like a child.”

“So I’m really looking forward to watching his rise and you know, I had little talk to him, now we did a another tour recently in Europe England, I think it was. He was actually telling me, he was kind of excited about his new phase in his career because of much of what we talked about earlier on this podcast. But just about going from being a guy who is just like a good match guy and you know you do those good matches long enough.

You can, I don’t wanna say they are easy but you kind of getting to sleep, you know you are good at it and it’s just comfortable, being taken out of his comfort zone and learning to just like entertain, to be able go to an live event, have an entertaining match and an entertaining match, I don’t wanna going back to the Knoxville thing. I don’t wanna put them in two separate categories and a entertaining match and a great match, they are the same thing. I’m just talking about when we talk about great matches. We are like epic dramatic sort of structure to it. But an entertaining match is a great match. If you do it right and just learning to work with new style and dive into a new set of skills are required to do well in WWE Smackdown. He is excited about it, which make me think, he would do really well.”

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