June 15, 2024

Roman Reigns returns next week & defends his title | WWE Smackdown 6/10

Main event of the evening was Riddle vs Sami Zayn. If Riddle wins. He will get the championship match against Roman Reigns next week. Ultimately Riddle defeats Sami Zayn. He is all set to face Roman Reigns next week.

While Riddle was celebrating, Usos attacked him from behind. Throws him out of the ring. Riddle returns to ring with a kendo stick and attacks the Uso brothers. Riddle was standing tall in todays Smackdown.

Couple of days ago, Dave Meltzer on his Wrestling Observer Radio notes that Riddle will face Roman in live tv

If he wrestles Riddle, it’ll be on TV, it won’t be on pay-per-view. At least that’s the plan right now. The plan is still Orton for July 30 SummerSlam. Obviously they were building up the Riddle and Reigns match on Monday, so I’m presuming they’re gonna do it, but I was told it would not be pay-per-view match if they do it, and it’s not 100% that they will.”

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