March 2, 2024

Former NXT Star says Ronda Rousey is enjoying her life on the farm

Ronda Rousey has had a pretty great WWE career. She has won titles, main evented WrestleMania. WWE recently moved Ronda Rousey’s name into WWE alumni section.

WWE or Ronda Rousey hasn’t provided any update on her WWE contract status. When stars are moved to alumni section, which usually means they are no longer part of WWE. We have also seen many wrestlers from alumni section return to the WWE ring.

Marina Shafir is one of Ronda Rousey’s closest friend recently was on Wilde On podcast talked about Ronda Rousey. Shafir also says Ronda is enjoy her life on the farm.

“It’s funny because, I first off, 100% love and support that her life has taken her down that direction. Our entire friendship since we’ve known each other, she knew how I grew up. We barely have a quarter acre in New York, my brother and my mom have made like a homestead out of it. There’s chickens, there’s a garden, every part of the yard has a purpose,” Shafir said.

“We would always talk about it, and she’s a nature gal. She loves being out in the dirt, she loves being out in the water. She loves being out literally anywhere in nature and learning about it. So, she found her true love, and they’re doing the damn thing,” Shafir said. “That’s what you work hard in life for. Everybody’s chasing this dragon and she’s on it. She’s living her life. It’s really nice to see her happy.” (H/T: WrestleZone)

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