March 2, 2024

The Miz says he was shocked by Logan Paul’s performance

The Miz was in the latest episode of Big Boy on Demand podcast, where he talked about Logan Paul, John Cena and more

When he was asked about Logan Paul’s performance

“He actually beat me but I’ll give you this about Logan Paul, he is dedicated, he is focused as much as people like to give him flack on, you know, ‘oh well’ I used to get the flack. I was a reality star, I was on the real world and when I was on the real world back 20 years ago, it wasn’t the cool thing to do like, people are like, uh you know, ‘whatever you’re on the real world, you’re no talent hack’. I feel like the youtube stars, the influencers of today are getting that same type of flack.

It does takes hardwork and he was absolute natural talent in picking up everything that was taught to him, I mean in order to beat me in WWE and to look the part of a professional WWE superstar. He not only took the risk, I mean he was absolutely incredible and definitely shocked the hell out of me. You got to remember, you know, we were in a stadium, we were in front like, there’s one thing to train and there’s another thing to perform in front of thousands upon thousands of people, millions watching at home, not only did he take the ball, he took the ball and ran with it.”

When Miz was asked about his WWE journey

“People always ask me like, ‘how did you do it’ I go well it didn’t just come, wasn’t just I got on the real world and they were like, ‘oh lets do it’ I was like I moved to Los Angeles, I got a wrestling school because I needed to learn the art of wrestling. I knew wrestling like WWE was acting. So I got an acting coach, I knew it was a lot of improv, so I went to improv Olympics and groundling, so then, I was like alright. I’m 200 and nothing pounds, I would literally get max, I wasn’t rich, real world doesn’t make you rich like get you famous, doesn’t make you rich at all. So I didn’t really have any money, so I would buy a book that could like teach me, not a book but a magazine every like men’s fitness or something like that to learn a workout that I could get a routine going because I knew I needed to be big then it was like I got a nutritionist that cost me 100$ a month and he was like doing me a favour and I would network and try to meet, as many people as I possibly can to get to WWE.

“Three years later and then also when I was doing the challenges. I was like all right what else does WWE do, they do merchandising well, maybe if people start buying my t-shirts, if I start doing on the show, they will buy the t-shirts and then WWE will see, ‘hey this guy can sell t-shirts, he has a fanbase, he has the qualities that it needs to be a WWE superstars’.

“Once I made it WWE, it didn’t stop there. I was doing, do you remember I mean I would come to this radio show all the time, I would do every radio show in everywhere all over America because It would help me practise with my promo skills because people were now like, ‘dude, you’re so great at the promos’ like I always wasn’t great, I was terrible as a matter of fact like, I thought I was almost gonna fired one year because I was the host of WWE divas search and I forgot the phone number of, like the calling, I forgot the phone number, the most important thing you can possibly do. I wrote it on my wrist and it sweeted off my wrist. So I messed that up, I was like I’m gonna get fired oh my god. So I went to Vince and I was like Vince I am so sorry, I did not mean for that to happen, it will never happen. ‘I know it wouldn’t happen again because you’ll work on it’ and I did I worked on it and I told our talent relations people. I said, hey look if you guys have anything that nobody wants to do, like if you want me to wake up six in the morning and do every radio show and the greater, you know all over America I would do that. So there’s hasn’t been a radio show that I haven’t been on, a newscast that I haven’t been on because that’s the dedication that it takes.”

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